Tools needed for measuring cushions or pillows

You’ll need a measuring tape. Any will do, but we prefer soft tape measures (like the ones normally used for tailoring or dressmaking) because cushions tend to consist of a lot of curved surfaces, and the soft tape measure helps you trace the contours of the cushion shape when taking measurements. 

A soft or flexible tailor measuring tape like the one shown above is really helpful for measuring curved or uneven surfaces. 

[Image credits: Alina Zienowicz (Ala z), e-mail, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons]

Do I measure with the original cushion covers on or off?

For the most accurate result, you should measure the cushion covers after taking them off the cushion inserts

If you are looking for an easier way to measure your cushions, you can measure them while they are still covered in their original cushion covers. This method might not be as precise as measuring the covers only, but it is the only option if your cushions are pre-upholstered and do not have removable covers. 

⚠️ We DON'T recommend measuring on the bare cushion inserts. 
This is because many sofa manufacturers intentionally make their cushion covers smaller than the inserts to create a snug and tighter fit.  In our experience, the inserts without the covers on can expand by up to 1 cm to 5 cm (0.5” to 2”) larger. Cushion covers made using these inflated measurements would tend to create a looser fit. 


If you have already placed an order with us, you should have received a link to an online measuring form on your My Account page. This form comprises a diagram that displays the cushion shape assigned to your order on the right side, with the relevant form fields on the left side. 

It is crucial to note that the diagrams are a generic representation of your cushion, based on the photos that you have submitted to us. The measurements you provide based on the guidelines drawn on the diagrams are the most critical part of the form. Therefore, please ensure that you take accurate measurements to avoid any discrepancies in the final product.

If your cushions have removable covers

Revealing the seams after the cushion covers have been turned inside out; measuring the cushions this way ensures that you don't need to deal with measuring over curved surfaces.

  1. Remove the covers from the cushion inserts or stuffing.

  2. Turn the covers inside out and lay them flat on a surface. Smooth out any creases with your hand so that you can clearly view the seams of the cushion covers.

  3. Measure your cushions from seam to seam based on the guide arrows displayed in the measuring diagrams. Note that some diagrams have an indication of where the zippers are located.

  4. After taking the measurements, turn the covers right side out and restuff the cushion covers or install them over your cushion inserts.

If your cushion covers cannot be removed because they are pre-upholstered or pre-stuffed

  1. Measure your cushions from seam to seam directly on the cushion using the guide arrows shown in the measuring diagrams. If there are zippers, the diagrams will indicate their location.

  2. When measuring, gently press the measuring tape against the fabric and follow the contours of the cushion inserts to obtain an accurate measurement from seam to seam.

Pre-tufted cushions come with non-removable covers by default. To measure these types of cushions, you should follow the same steps as you would for pre-upholstered cushions. However, make sure to extend the measuring tape over any indented surfaces caused by the tufting. Our covers would completely go over these parts, as we cannot make pre-tufted sofa covers.

When measuring boxed-edge cushions, check the thickness on different sides of the cushion covers to ensure consistency. If the thickness varies significantly (more than 2.5 cm/ 1 inch), please inform us via email so that our customer support agents can provide you with the correct measuring form.

For cushions with rounded corners (most commonly seen in boxed edge cushions), align your measuring tape as close to the edges, BUT AVOID MEASURING DIRECTLY ON THE ROUNDED CORNERS as they tend to be shorter than the actual width or depth of the cushions.


My cushion comes with piping (welting or cording), how do I measure them from seam to seam?

If your cushion covers are removable, you can use the measuring steps described above as you would be measuring the seams after the covers have been turned inside out. 

However, if your cushion covers are non-removable, you'll need to measure from the seam right under the piping to the other side. This is equivalent to measuring it from the middle of the piping to the middle of the piping on the other side. However, measuring the distance between the seams is the more accurate method.

Measuring the seams under the piping

I'd still want my new covers to be made according to my cushion inserts instead of the original covers, how do I measure the inserts?

As explained earlier, we do not recommend measuring on the cushion inserts at all. However, if you need to do so because:

  • your original cushion inserts have become permanently compressed and cannot be restored by fluffing your pillows,


  • you have custom inserts that you’ve cut/prepared and just need a new set of covers for them

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, try to fluff your inserts to restore their volume as much as possible.
  2. Measure the inserts from edge to edge based on the guide arrows displayed in the measuring form. The most critical tip is to ensure that the start and end markings for the edges are constant. You could use pins and some string to help you mark out these measurement waypoints.
  3. Once you have the measurements, we strongly recommend intentionally reducing all of them by at least 1 cm (0.5”) and up to 2.5 cm (1”). This will ensure that the custom covers still achieve a snug fit.

Why does the measurement diagram still ask me to enter the cushion thickness for my knife-edge cushions?

The thickness measurement in knife-edge cushions (usually labelled as “D”) is meant for knife-edge pillows that are embellished with a decorative pleat or Turkish”-corners. If your original cushion has these design elements, simply measure the width of the pleats and enter that number as the thickness in the knife-edge cushion measuring form. 

Decorative box pleats as seen on the (bottom) corner of a knife-edge cushion.

Our tailors will try their best to replicate these design elements during sewing, so you can trust that your new cushions will look just as good as the original ones.

If your knife-edged cushions do not have these decorative pleats, simply enter a nominal value that rounds to zero (try “0.00001”) in the cushion thickness form field. 

The diagrams in the measuring form do not match the shape of my actual cushions! What do I do?

  1. Don’t Panic! 
  2. Lay your cushion on a flat surface and take some photos of it from the following angles: 
    • Top-down view
    • Side view taken from a high angle, with one of the bottom or zipper-side corners pointed at the camera.
    • Any close-ups for the parts that don’t match the measuring diagrams.

  3. Send an email to, attach the photos, and request an update to the measuring form.
  4. Our customer support team will work with you to get the incorrect diagrams sorted.