Purchased something from Comfort Works and need to change your shipping address? Do contact us as soon as you can (preferably within the business day!) at info@comfortworks.com.au or you could even drop by the Live Chat on the website - you can usually see the Chat Bubble on the bottom of the screen when we're available for a quick chat.

Please note, however, if your order has already been shipped, there will be additional costs for us to reroute the package to you. These fees can range between US$30 to US$50, which we will be billing you for.

If rerouting is not something you'd like to do, here are some alternatives :

1) Contact FedEx, send it to a FedEx depot of choice for self-pickup. This is free and doable by request of the reciever.
2) Get a neighbor to sign and receive on behalf.
3) Contact FedEx, approve to leave at the door. Get Neighbour/Family/Friend/Self to pick it up from there. Please note this option can be risky but it's an option nonetheless if the above is not amicable.

Hope this helps!