Purchased something from Comfort Works and need to change your shipping address? Do contact us within 24 hours of placing your order, and include your Order ID (CW-XXXXXX) via e-mail.


Please note, however, if your order has already been shipped, there will be additional costs for us to reroute the package to you. These fees can range between US$30 to US$50 for slipcovers, and a flat rate of US$15 for samples* which we will be billing you for.

If rerouting is not something you'd like to do, here are some alternatives:

1) Contact the Courier, send it to a depot of choice for self-pickup. This is free and doable by request of the recipient.
2) Get a neighbor to sign and receive on behalf.
3) Contact the Courier, approve to leave at the door and have a friend/family pick it up from there, if you are certain it is safe to do so.

* Samples shipped via 'Express Shipping' only.