As rare as it is, these things do happen unfortunately - and if you have received your covers within 30 days please get in touch with us ASAP ( so we can have it fixed for you. If it's something that had happened due to wear and tear we'll need to assess the situation and severity, the first thing to do as such would be to send us a photo of the tear or damaged part and our client service rep would determine whether it's a problem with the slipcover or the way that it was used. We're all human and make mistakes -- even if our most lovable cat decides to use a back cushion as a scratching post, it is very possible for us to offer a replacement part at a discounted price just that the fabric colours may not be a 100% match. If it's a broken zipper or stitching that happened after 30 days just get in touch with us ASAP as well, typically we'd be able to provide a repair credit for it still. However, if your slipcover has an obvious burnt mark caused by an iron -- please don't claim it's an issue with our fabrics. We try our best to help whenever we can - but it really doesn't feel nice to be taken advantage of.