Our online payment processor will issue an invoice to you and one of us from Comfort Works will confirm your order by e-mail, informing you of payment receipt and delivery times. If you don't receive this, do check your spam folders. Also alert us by e-mail so we can check further and provide you with the necessary correspondence.

Depending on your sofa model, you may be required to measure the sofa so you'd also receive the instructions via e-mail.

Most of the time, the production schedule is where most of the waiting happens. Typically we'd have around 1-2 weeks worth of orders at the time of your purchase. Once production is done for them, your order will take about a week to be produced, go through quality control, and is finally cleaned and packed to be shipped out to our couriers.
*Made-to-measure slipcovers will have different timeframes and these are update here.

We will then arrange for pick-up by the courier and once the shipping label is created, we'll email you with a tracking number. If you do not receive this, don't hesitate to drop us a message to follow up. Most of the time, delivery takes about a week so you'll see the parcel at your doorsteps shortly upon getting your tracking number.