We’re a small team that throws high-fives all around whenever a five-star review comes in, has heated debates over which colors will look best in your living room, and loves chatting with our customers to find out what makes them tick.

This is why we have a 30-day Repair and Replace policy in place to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Here’s how we’ve got you covered within the first 30 days of receiving your slipcover:

We offer Repair or alteration credit of up to US$75 per product if your slipcover has:
- snags
- burst seams
- derailed or broken zippers

- attached velcro that came apart

- loose buttons
- a fit that’s larger than your sofa by less than 2.5cm (1 inch).

*Please note that this is a reimbursement system where we will need the receipt of the alteration, then we will process the credit back within 5 to 7 business days.

We offer Replacements if your covers :
- has tears and serrations upon receipt
- is too small or tight 2.5cm (1 inch) or more for your sofa based either on the original brand's measurements or if it's a made-to-measure order, based on the measurements sent in by the customer via Measure Tool or PDF. 

- is larger than your sofa by 2.5cm (1 inch) or more and it's not alterable.
- is not the color, size, or model that’s stated in your order confirmation.

We do not offer any return shipping labels or the option to do so as the covers handmade are for you and only you. A returned product will/can not be resold to another customer. Refunds are also not available.

Repairs are also made via alteration credits aka reimbursements only. It is the responsibility of the customers to source and provide a receipt after the alteration to make a claim.

NOTE: We will require evidence from you (in the form of clear photos/videos and/or measurements) to support your claims. We will guide you to get them, don't worry. :)

What to do after you receive your Comfort Works package

We check your slipcover thoroughly, pack it lovingly in our Comfort Works white canvas drawstring bad, and insure your package before sending it out, but there may be rare occasions where FedEx/DHL might leave your parcel out in the rain or manhandle it during a customs inspection, inadvertently damaging your slipcover.

This is why it’s important that you:

1) Inspect your product and email us at info@comfortworks.com.au to notify us of any damage that’s been done to it within 7 days of receiving your package, attaching the relevant photos to support your claims.

2) Send us photos of your sofa covers in full view, namely at the front, sides, and back so we have a clear idea of what might have happened.

Simultaneously, you will also need to make a formal complaint to FedEx/DHL regarding this issue and get a case file number, as we will need it to follow up for a resolution on our end.

Once you’ve taken these steps, we’ll consider your situation and get back to you within one business day.

If we have the claims number filed, then we will process a replacement for you within 24 business hours.