Yes we do! Check them all out here: Replacement IKEA Sofa Legs

At the moment, our mid-century replacement IKEA sofa legs come in 4 designs and 4 colors.

These legs are all pre-installed with an M8 bolt which works with these IKEA models generally: Karlstad, Klippan, Karlsfors, Klobo, Ektorp, Soderhamn, Solsta, Sandby, Härnösand, Stockholm, Sater, Ystad, Mellby.

For other models not listed here such as the Karlanda, Kivik or Nikkala, you might need a few universal adaptors fixed onto your sofa first and then you'll be able to simply screw on our legs.

Contact us if you're not sure if you'll need these adaptors, we can provide them for a small fee.