No worries!

It’s best to alert us on the error —preferably within 48 hours of placing your order*.

If you believe you've made a mistake after the slipcovers have been delivered, do let us know along with photographs of your furniture and we'll try and help you out the best we can. It is important to know that Comfort Works does not process returns or refunds in this scenario. Full policy here.

We trust that all slipcover details are readily available on the website so that our Customers can make informed purchases. If you are unsure of what model you own, do write in to us before placing your order to avoid unfavorable outcomes.

*Please note that cancellations after 48 hours would incur a 5% processing fee, and changes/cancellations after an order has been put into production will incur an additional 30% restock fee as fabric would have already been cut for your order.