Please make sure you do a full inspection to see whether any obvious damage is visible on the both layers of packaging upon delivery.
Despite the extra measures taken to protect your parcel by using double corrugated card-boxes as well as a cloth bag, it is possible for your parcel to be Damaged, Stained or Partially Lost upon delivery. (Reasons include: pesky Custom/import office's inspections, terrible care by the courier or even weather damage)
You have every right to REFUSE the delivery if damage onto the product are visible, at which point you inform the courier person that you'd like to file a Claim; Delivery guys will advise you to contact a certain contact number to get in touch and follow-up with. (a quick search online for "Courier's name + Claim" would suffice too).

From then kindly inform us and we will follow-up the case with the Couriers directly. A quick photo from your phone showing the damage would be helpful to confirm the claim also. Typically the process would take around 15 working days of investigation. Eventually the claimed value will be released to you and only then is the shipping fee and product value reimbursed.
Depending on the magnitude of the damage, most times we will proactively produce another set of slipcovers and resend them to you before the claims from the couriers are even reimbursed.

Claims information:
You will need to complete and submit a claim via one of the channels below depending on the Courier used:

Contact FEDEX Customer Service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 (say “claims”). You may have to submit supporting documentation using FedEx Claims Online or the mailing address or fax number listed above.

Submit claims online at FEDEX CLAIM.

Contact DHL Customer service via: DHL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Submit Claim form, downloadable here: DHL CLAIM FORM.

Get in touch with you local post office and send written claims, including the form and supporting documentation, via your local post office's claim department.